5 is excellent from digital tv or first gen vhs
4 Very Good 2 nd gen vhs
3 Good but occasional Tape Roll and or Tracking errors , some colour loss.
2 Watchable but pretty poor due to age low gen vhs copy.
1 is for fanatics

For archive transfers 10 per disc.approx 2 hours depending on content.

Robert Powell reads M R James ghost stories- 5 reading/dramatizations of famous M R JAMES ghost stories. 75 mins vg ash tree,mezzotint,wailing well,whistle and rose garden.1986 5

Casting The Runes - 1979 re-working of the classic MR James story stars Iain Cuthbertson 5

Mr Humphreys and his Inheritence - ITV schools 1976 20 mins 5

The Lost Will of Dr Rant -1951 the first M R James adaptation Part of the American Lights Out series, based on The Tractate Middoth. Stars a very young Leslie Nielson (do not let that put you off) 3

A Ghost Story For Christmas- BBcTV vintage seasonal ghost tales most based on M R James classics. Now revived in the UK on BBC4 with repeats of the classics and a new adaptation.
A Warning to The Curious ex 1972 5
The Stalls of barchester 1971 5
Lost Hearts1973 5
The Treasure of Abbot Thomas 1974 ex 5
The Signalman 1974 5
Stigma 1976 4 upgraded !! timecoded
The Icehouse 5 new upgrade!!!
The Ash tree 5 digital upgrade
A View From A Hill - new adaptaion 5
Number 13 - new adaptation 5

Whistle and i'll come to you - New digital reshowing with intro 5.

A Pleasant Terror - rare bio pic first shown by Anglia Television contains dramatic pieces,clips from BBC productions and investigation into the life of the celebrated author.uncut includes bbc footage missing from official release 4

Corner Of The Retina -New BBC 4 MR James documnetry shown before a season of repeats xmas 2004 BBC3 30 mins5

The Christmas Ghost Story - BBC4 doc shown before repeats of the BBC adaptaions 5

Ghost Stories for Xmas - read by chris lee the ash tree and no 13 vg, Stalls of barchester and a warning to the curious. 4

Spine Chillers- 6 Jackanory Unit ten minute readings of famous ghost stories
including Michael Bryant reading THE MEZZOTINT. 1980 3/4

A Pattern Of Roses- 1983 Drama with a ghostly theme 3/4

Christmas Carol - rare version from 1949 made for tv introduced and narrated by Vincent Price 3/4.

CHILLERS GREY CLAY DOLLS - I do not know anything about this one one episode of what looks an 80's series about a tennant in a hotel with a strange neighbour. 3/4

The Witches Of Pendle - 1976 tv drama 2

Play For Today :The Rainbirds - w Clive Exton. A man attempts suicide by jumping from a hotel window, and as doctors operate on him to save his life, distorted flashbacks of his unhappy life with his brutish, domineering parents appear in ever more outlandishly exaggerated forms 1971 . 3/4

Play For Today : A Photograph -More urban country conflict from the author of Robin Redbreast. John Stride's comfortable life as a Radio Three arts presenter is turned upside down by a photograph, and by trying to find the sender inadvertantly signs his own death warrant by coming into conflict with a family of gypsies.1977 3/4

A.D.A.M.- Roger Empson builds a house for his disabled wife Jean that is completed automated and monitored by a computer called A.D.A.M. (Automated Domestic Appliance Monitor). But things take a nasty turn when A.D.A.M. starts to develop feelings towards Jean... 1973 Michael Lindsay Hogg 3/4

The Rivals Of Sherlock Holmes - The Horse Of The Invisible . 1971 episode Donald Pleasence in an adaptation of one William Hope Hodgsons Carnacki The Ghost Finder short stories. 3/4

The Rivals Of Sherlock Holmes - The affair of the avalanche bycycle co ltd. 3 another epsode with Peter Vaughan.

Shadows Of Fear The Death Watcher 1971 1 episode from thames tv chilling series 4.

Do Not Disturb 1991 -When Jenny and Bruce Coldfield bring a curious party of enthusiasts to a remote Norfolk village to visit the hidden world of ghost story writer Eleanor Mont other forces start to stir. 4

House Of Frankenstein - 1997 3 hour tv adaptation

The Deadness Of Dad - Rhys Ifans a young boy in the 50's loses his father in an accident and is pleased when he returns from the grave 4/5 30 mins

Screenplay: Seeing In The Dark 1989 - 4

Shockers 1999 - Series of One hour plays 4
Parents night
Ibiza 99 Return - all is not as it seems as some lads visit a villa 5 mins missing from start
The Visitor - features the new BOND in perhaps the best of the bunch as the tennant from hell.
Deja Vu- Tale of a mothers grief over her lost son
The dance

The Woman In White - 5 hour adaptation of the tale with Ian Richardson and Jenny Seagrove well regarded. 3

SAKI - Granada Tv (ITV, 1962), an eight-part collection of adaptations from the short stories of H.H. Munro (writing under the pen name of 'Saki'). The hour-long format allowed each episode to accommodate four, five or even six of Saki's stories to be told in a convenient manner.I have 1 episode in good condition for its age 3

When Reason Sleeps - 2 episodes Fear Of The Dark - an abused boys past comes back to haunt him
The Scar 1987 4

Wilderness - 1996 3 hour A disturbed young woman has trouble convincing her lover that she's a wolf, and her psychiatrist is sure he's discovered a new complex that will make his name. 3/4

Mother Love - 4 part drama 1989 - Diana Rigg has the performance of her life here as the tightly wound mother of the title who gradually comes to the realization that her ex-husband whom she despises has been secretly seeing her son for years behind her back. 3/4

Menace - 1970 BBC series of which only 2 exist Man with a Mission and Killing Time very rare 5

Brimstone - The high concept of this story is that Detective Ezekial Stone was sent to Hell for the murder of his wife's rapist. He spends 15 years in Hell, until 113 souls managed to escape. The Devil needs someone to send them back to Hell, but can't do much on the physical plane. So he sends Ezekial after them, with the promise that if Stone recovers all 113, he'll win permanent freedom from Hell. And if he fails, he's damned for good. 13 60 minute episodes over 2 discs quality is 3/4.

La Cabina - 1972 tv short 35 mins subbed A man gets trapped in a telephone box and is unable to get out and seems noone can help him. The telephone company arrives to his relief but what have they got in store for him? 3

Kinvig - short lived tv show from ITV written by Nigel Kneale Kinvig was so titled because of the central character, a dreamy electrical repair man of that name. One day his life is changed by a visiting alien who whisks him off to save earth from an alien tribe. all this was supposed to be funny?7 episodes from 1981 quality 2/3

The Return - Peter Vaughan stars in this very atmospheric ghost story as a man posing as a prospective buyer viewing a house where a murder has occurred, he bribes the housekeeper to stay the night and call up the spirit of the murdered woman to find out who killed her with terrible consequence 4

Across The Water - David Rudkin eerie drama with Liam Neeson as a teacher haunted by the the troubles in Ireland and his step daughters father. 3 60 mins.

Tarry Dan Tarry Dan Scary Old Spooky Man - BBC 1/05/78 Tale of spooky goings on regarding an old man and dog teased by the children of a coastal village in England 4 50 mins

ARTEMIS 81 - 185 min with Hywell Bennet and Sting. 3 timecoded.

LEAP IN THE DARK - Long running series 1975, 1977 and 1980 which started life as a supernatural documentry with dramatic reconstruction and eyewitness interviews Bookended by an intro and discussion by Colin Wilson and studio 'experts' running around 45 mins.
Qulaity varies but is very good
The Vandey case - 10/10/75
dream me a winner - 14/01/77 Full series
the fetch - 21/01/77
the ghost of ardachie lodge - 28/01/77
undercurrents - 04/02/77
parlour games some ((gaps in the master) - 11/02/77
in the minds eye - 18/02/77

1980 Six episodes of 7
jack be nimble - 04/09/80
watching me watching you - 05/09/80
poor jenny - 08/09/80
The Living Grave - 9/09/80
come and find me - 10/09/80
room for an inward light - 11/09/80
to kill a king - 12/09/80

Virtual Murder 1992 short lived tv show Dr John Cornelius (called JC, and played by the late Nicholas Clay) is a university don who also works for his city police force as a consultant psychologist. The stunning Samantha Valentine (played by Kim Thomson) is his offbeat personal assistant and lover, while Inspector Cadogan is their police contact and Professor Owen Griffiths is Cornelius's head of department.
The show was filmed in and around Birmingham, England and often has the element of fantasy associated with (for instance) The New Avengers 6 episodes 50 mins each 2 discs.

West Country Tales - 7 episodes available one or two are timecoded
West Country Tales was an early 1980s BBC TV drama series based on real-life encounters with the supernatural.
These had originally been sent in by viewers in the South-West of England in response to a BBC appeal. Of the hundreds of letters recieved, 8 stories were selected and and turned into TV scripts. 82 and 83
The Visitor,
Ring a ring a rosy
with love belinda.
The Breakdown
The Beast
Miss Constatine
The wit to woo

Famous Ghost Stories - 1961) Vincent Price, Richard Carlson. Here's an unreleased TV pilot hosted by Vincent Price.

THE FERRYMAN ITV ("Haunted").Based on a story by Kingsley AmisFollowing the publication of his latest novel about a murderer called "the ferryman", a writer decides to spend a weekend with his wife in the country. But events in the real world start to mirror the plot of the novel with potentially fatal consequences. 4

Poor Girl ITV part of the Haunted Series An Edwardian governess finds herself trapped inside a haunted house. 3

MRS ACKLANDS GHOST 1975 - under the banner of Playhouse 4

THE BREAKTHROUGH 1975 / BBC2 ("Playhouse").Based on a short story by Daphne du Maurier. A scientist attempts to harness the energy of the unconscious mind. 4

THE MIND BEYOND -1976 series of 50 minute plays looking at paranormal phenomena from different perspectives six transmitted 4
Daedalus Equations
Meriel the ghost girl
Double echo
The love of a good woman
The Man With Power

Miss MORRISONS GHOSTS - Hannah Gordon Period drama. Two scholars travel backwards in time after seeing what they think is a ghost.5

STRANGE - a defrocked priest makes it his mission to expose and rid the UK of Demons that are hiding among us. BBC overlooked series with Ian Richardson 2 discs Pilot and 6 episodes. 4

SKY-(7 eps) / ITV (HTV).Children's fantasy drama series. Teenagers discover an alien with supernatural powers who has been sent on a mission to help planet Earth. 3/4

SUPERNATURAL - 1977 Supernatural drama series . In order to join the "Club of the Damned", the prospective member must recount a spine-chilling tale based on a personal experience of the supernatural: 4 Full Series .
The Ghost of Venice
The Countess Ilona
The werewolf Reunion
Mr Nightingale
Lady Sybil
Night Of The Marionettes

Present Spirits ( UK 1994) Hordes of friendly ghosts descend upon a particular house at Christmas. 4

A Christmas Carol 1977 60 mins with Michael Hordern as scrooge Period drama. Ebeneezer Scrooge realises the error of his ways after a visitation from the ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future. 4.

Chillers AKA Mistress Of Suspense - 1990 Short lived and seldom seen series Introduced by Anthony Perkins with an excellent English cast .complete series 5.

Journey Through The Night 2003 10 mins A man is travelling on a long haul express train journey from Amsterdam to Paris. He shares his sleeper compartment with another man who he engages in conversation. He learns that the man is a cannibal who intends to kill and eat him. 4

Pendas Fen - Alan clarke1974. Through a series of real and imagined encounters with angels, demons, and England's pagan past, a pastor's son begins to question his religion and politics, and comes to terms with his sexuality. 3

The White Lady - David Rudkin's Slow moving and eerie tale of a father in a country cottage with 2 kids, the poisoning of the surrounding area will introduce the kids to the white lady . 4 60 mins

Blood Junkies - Scottish vampire play 60 mins 3/4

Green Fingers - short 20 mins with Ingrid pitt as an avid gardener who claims she can grow anything in her what is her secret? also has 5 min behind the scenes news report. 3

The Mad Death - 1983 3 part series Britain is gripped by the "mad death", an outbreak of rabies, after an afflicted pet cat is illegally smuggled into the country. 3

Out Of The Unknown
19 episodes most timecoded popular sci fi/ fantasy series adapting some of the genres most famous writers , many have been wiped by the beeb and what remains is very rare . Quality is mixed with some looking very bad indeed 2/3/4
Stranger in the family
The dead Past
Time in advance
Thirteen to centaurus
The last lonely man
To lay a ghost
This body is mine
Welcome Home
The man in my head
Little Black Bag
Come Buttercup
The Machine Stops
sucker bait(2/3)
some lapse of time (2/3)
No place like earth (very bad quality) 1/2
counterfeit man (2)
lamda 1 (2)
The Midas Plague (2)
also compilation of clips from missing episodes 3

Wessex Tales The Withered Arm - 50 min Thomas Hardy story with Billie Whitelaw 4

Arthur C Clarkes Mysterious world 13 episodes 2 dvd's
remember this causing a few goosebumps as a lad.3

Mystery And Imagination - Long Running tv adaptations of classic horror stories , most have been wiped now and very hard to find quality varies greatly.
Sweeney Todd, 3
Open Door , 2
the mummy 3
Dracula 3
Frankenstein 3
Fall Of The House Of Usher 3
The Suicide Club 3
Uncle Silas 3

The Changes BBC childrens TV series first broadcast early in 1975. The enduring image for me is of menacing power pylons that emit an unbearabe penetrating sound; the noise.All over England the noise is compelling people to destroy cars, televisions; in fact everything technological. 3

Late Night Story - Tom Baker reads The Photograph 4

The hound of the Baskervilles Tom Baker stars as Holmes in this 4 part series from 1982 3

Thriller -1960-61 tv series with Boris Karloff introducing twilight zone type tales lots filmed heres a few....
pigeons from hell
the hungry glass
the purple room
The weird Tailor (later remade by amicus)
a wig for miss devore
quality is good for age in 3

Threads - Hideously plausible when first broadcast in 1984, this BBC TV docu-drama now seems like a terrifying might-have-been, although a great deal of what it says about the probable aftermath of a nuclear attack remains horribly pertinent.
dunc 4

Shades of Darkness - Granada tv series of supernatural tales 50 mins. 5
The lady maids bell
The maze
The Intercesso
Feet Foremost 3/4
Demon Lover

Armchair Thriller - QUIET AS A NUN an effective thriller which is possibly the best remembered. TV journalist, Jemima Shore, returns to her old convent school. She discretely investigates the suicide of a nun and reports of a ghostly apparition. But all is not what it seems.
good time coded 3

The Incredible Robert Baldick - Never Come Night Robert Baldick is an eccentric Victorian aristocratic given to investigating mysteries. He is called upon to help solve a series of murders which have taken place in the cellar of a ruined abbey.
Terry Nations pilot episode from a series that never happened stars Robert Hardy . 4 timecoded

BAAL - Stars David Bowie as Bertolt Brechts wondering minstrel very rare indeed BBC Play 5

The Monkeys Paw ch4 dramatization and one of the best adaptations ive seen 30 mins 4

Schalcken The Painter - BBC 1979 play shown once in 1979 each set up is done like a painting using natural daylight and candlelight very spooky climax new copy straight from vhs master 4/5

Frankenstein - 1984 Robert Powell stars as Victor and David Warner as the monster ..not a great version but the cast is very good. 75 mins 3

Govan Ghost Story - an ex docker is who is cruel to his daughter is haunted by the ghost of a girl rare scottich tv ghost story from 85 4/5

The Lorelei - scottish bbc exclusive .Amanda Redman suffers a premonition in a old hotel while on a walking holiday 5

1984-1954 vintage BBC TV version peter cushing 1954 very old tv so never gonna look better upgrade 4

The Nightmare man -complete series 5

The Cormorant- Ralph Fiennes eerie tale about a man inheriting an old cottage and the most dreadful pet 4

The yellow wallpaper 1989 TV play 4

Dead Of Night - only 3 exist from this BBC series Which had at least one of the most frightening moments seen on British TV ive been lucky to find very good updates of all.
Exorcism - Two couples spend christmas at a country cottage. A series of apparently supernatural events ensues, culminating in a terrifying and deadly climax new copy 4/5
A woman sobbing- A young woman hears noises coming from the attic at night 4/5
Return flite - A modern-day airline pilot has a ghostly encounter with a wartime bomber crew. 4/5

The Blue Boy - Emma thompson ghost tale about Premonition and murder 4

Chimera 1991 4 part tv series about a genetically altered ape let loose from a sinister laboratory 4

Journey Into The Unknown (early 1968 Hammer tv show) 17 1 hour Episodes on 5 discs 3/4

Ghosts - I'll be watching you,the shadowy third,3 miles up,chemistry lesson and blood and water, Massage .Effective spooky tales shown on BBC1 UK . 1 hour stories 3

Christmas Spirits - rare ghost tale unaired in the UK stars elaine strick trapped overnight in a very spooky hse 3

Momento Mori VG UK drama 3

Spinechillers - 6 30 minute modern spooky tales 4

Darkroom hosted by James coburn USA spooky stories 2 discs 3/4

Count Dracula - BBC 1977 production one of the best version and rare 5

Hound of the baskervilles - Sherlock holmes played by Peter Cushing 5

The Picture of Dorian Gray- BBC production 5

The Green Man - Albert Finney Stars as a Bibulous restauranteur Maurice Allington makes contact with the resident ghost of his country hostelrie. 5

Chiller -
5 Episodes complete series Produced by Lawrence Gordon Clark.
Toby with Martin Clunes couple haunted by thier unborn son,perhaps the best episode 4
The Man who didn't believe in ghosts 4
prophecy 4
no 6 4
The Prophecy 4
Here Comes The Mirror Man 4

Witchcraft - a tv crew are haunted by the subject they are dramitizing NEW UPDATE 4/5

The Clifton House Mystery 1978 tv ghost tale in 6 parts for kids 3

The Woman in Black- Very Scary victorian ghost story scripted by Nigel Kneale . A solicitor goes to a lonely house to tie up the affairs of the dead occupant only to discover her malevolant spirit haunting him 5

Armchair Theatre - i can destroy the sun.

BEASTS - Nigel Kneales chilling series of tales relating to animals both real and supernatural.6 hour long plays 1976 5

Quatermass and the pit TV version BBC 5

The Quatermass Experiment 2005 BBC shown Live Re-telling 5

The Kneale Tapes - 40 min doc on the work of Kneale rare clips and interviews 4/5

Twisted Tales - BBC4 14 modern day shorts a nice mixture of tongue in cheek humour , mixing comedy and horror with lots of movie references all with twist endings 2 discs. 5

Man And The Snake - based on a short story by Ambrise Bierce 1972 3.

Night Gallery - complete season 3

Out Of This World - Little Lost Robot rare episode from lost usa series 3.

SHORTS 10 - 15 mins

The Stranger Left No Calling Card 1952 20 mins This short British film starts off as the charming story of a mute traveling entertainer who endears himself to the citizens of a small town he's passing through, and develops a

sinister, devilishly clever twist.4

Mudchute - 2002 short 8mins about a woman being followed.........3

Meshes In The Afternoon - 20 mins Bk & Wh short 1943. A solitary flower on a long driveway, a key falling, a door unlocked, a knife in a loaf of bread, a phone off the hook: discordant images a woman sees as she comes home. She

naps and, perhaps, dreams. She sees a hooded figure going down the driveway.

The knife is on the stair, then in her bed..... Eeerie arty short 3

The Bitch Is Back - An inflatable sex doll comes to life, attacking its owner while quoting catchphrases and taglines from various thrillers 16 mins 3/4

Elevated - from the director of The Cube people are caught in a lift not sure

what is waiting outside..effective and shocking 17mins 3/4

The Ciccerones - the story of a man (mark gatiss, of "the league of

gentlemen"/ "dr who" books fame) who is on a journey to examine a rare

painting, but when he arrives at the church where the painting is supposedly

held, he is set upon by some pretty bizarre characters. 3/4

On Edge - Doug Bradley stars as a Dentist treating an annoying patient 15

mins 3/4

Red Lines - Doug Bradley again With such a short film, it wouldn't be fair to

describe the story, so I'll just say that it's bleak, creepy, nasty and

supernatural. 7 mins 3/4

The Uninvited 1999 A young French woman rents a apartment from an old man to

give her a temporary place to stay. Something happened with the last tenant

and all her stuff remains covered in cobwebs etc. However the apartment holds

many secrets and something unnerving is in the air.15 mins 3/4

Where has Poor Mickey Gone ? 1964 Warren Mitchell Things go terribly wrong

for four youths, ejected from a London nightclub for rowdiness, after they

decide to break into a Magic shop, where they tie up and terrorize the owner.

They find to their cost that he deals in more than illusions... 3 front

titles missing!!!!

URN - 5 min short poem to avante garde images of bats and nude ladies 5 mins


Bespoke Overcoat - 27 mins award winning tale of a ghost returning for a coat

he could not have in life stars Alfi Bass 4

Marheim - 10 min shown as part of a season of shorts tells the tale of a

young man about to rob a a porn brokers 3

The Black Tower - avant garde short about a man haunted by a Tower! Amusing

and compelling stuff 30 mins 4

The Cask of Amotillado - poe adaptation from late 80's 4 20 mins

The Black Cat - Poe adaptation late 80's 20 mins

Tell Tale heart - schools tv with Joss ackland part drama part to camera

reading 3 30 mins

Going Home - short 15mins story of a man washed up on a beach 4

Drip- eearie short 5/10 mins about a woman investigating an annoying drip at

night 4

THE FEAR short stories read to camera from BBC4
Mysterious Mansion - read by Ray Winstone read to camera short 15 mins 4
Never Stop on The Motorway - Jeffrey Archer story read to camera short 4
The Shadow In The Corner - Sadie Frost reads the Le Fanu Short 4

KITCHEN SINK - aussie 15 min A woman alone finds something in her sink plug

hole ...she starts to pull.... very chilling 4

FOOTSTEPS - Rare Alan Parker short about a lady living alone in rooms in

London, she has been the subject of some attack and is now frightened of her

own shadow , is her attacker back? 3/4

The Recordist - BBC 1991 10 min eerie tale of a sound recording woman who

thinks she may have recorded Merlin's voice ...with eerie consequences. 4

French Doors - 10 min short about someone installing new doors to the outside

of their property spinechilling 4


The Corridor People - Granada avangers like 60's tv show only 4 exist and

here they are sound is bit grating 3

Edgar Wallace - 16 episodes quite good quality given the age clue of the silver key, death trap,five to one, number 6, richochet, solo for sparrow, the set up, time to remember, act of murder, dead mans chest, never back a loser, partners in crime, return to sender, the rivals, to have and to hold, who was maddox. 3/4 various sources 4 discs

Peter Cushing - A One Way Ticket To Hollywood . Nice doc and interview covering his life 90 mins 4

Wogan - Peter Cushing INT. 4

Wogan - Peter Cushing Int 4

In Search Of Dracula - Jonathan Ross with interviews with Gary Oldman 3/4

The Fear Of God - Original tv showing exorcist Kermode doc with deleted Mercedes McCambridge footage missing from dvd releases. 3/4

Didn't You Used To Be Satan ? - Linda Blair Doc on the success and affect the movie The Exorcist has had on her (bad tracking) 3/4

Fangs - Potted History on vampire movies with Veronica Carlson includes many clips from Hammer etc 3/4

Vincent Prices DRACULA - A Potted History with the much Loved star 55mins 4

Everyman - The True Story Of Frankenstein 50 min 4

The South Bank Show - story with rare clips of Dracula and Frankenstein 4

Burnt Offering : The Cult Of The Wicker Man - Mark Kermode Documentry on the

cult movie , lots of interviews etc

EX-S Scottish Doc on The Wicker Man plus a set of outtakes 3

The wicker Man Cast And Crew BBC doc on 2005 The actors and contributors are

gathered again for discussions 5

On The Edge Of Blade Runner - Mark Kermode study on Blade Runner 4

Man Trap - Mark Kermode doc about STRAW DOGS 4

The Return Of A Clockwork Orange - Mark Kermode doc 4

Ken Russells The Devils - Kermode unearths the history of this infamous Ken

Russell Classic shows scenes trimmed by the censors 4

Eurotika - full season of 30 min shows about europes important cult directors


The Incredibly Strange Film Show - Jonathan Ross hosts a season of 30 min

docs on cult directors. 4

Aleister Crowley - E-XS The Other Monster Of Loch Ness 3

Masters Of Darkeness - The Wickedest Man In The World Aleister Crowley doc-John Dee - doc about the elizabethan alchemist 4 Rasputin - doc about the russian from ch4 .

Amityville Horror Doc 2005 - interesting update on the movie and the

franchise with interviews and footage 4

The Secret Life Of Ghosts and Werewolves - Strange Edward Fox look at Real

accounts of the phenomena 4

THE BUDDHA OF SUBURBIA - caused a bit of fuss when first shown by the BBC 2

discs 4.

3 TOTP'S Episodes from 1974

CROMWELL STREET - 3 part in depth look at Serial Killers Fred and Rose West 4

CLAPPERBOARD - episode from 1980 on EMPIRE STRIKES BACK rare interviews 3/4

Nick Drake a skin too few BBC documentry on troubled 70's star vg 4
In Search of Nick Drake 3
news clip on Drake and unearthed new material 4

Banned In The UK - channel 4 two 50 mins on Video Nasties etc 5

The Real Lennon broadcast 39 th sept 2000 1 h 18 mins In a controversial new

documentary, The Real John Lennon, it is revealed that his marriage to Yoko

was on the rocks and he was planning to return to Liverpool. Ironically, Yoko

had moved his belongings out of their apartment and was planning to divorce

him as it has been revealed she had a long-term lover. 4

The Last Days of John Lennon 40 min doc with Jamie Theakston lots of still

and last photos (one not seen before of the night he died signing while

chapman is in the background) very moving. 4

The Beatles at Abbey Road shown in the 80's at tours of abbey rd not great quality but lots of good clips 2

Will Kenny Everett Make it To 1980 Show Bowie, Roxy, pistols and thin lizzy star in this NY eve special broadcast 31 Dec 1979 50 mins 3

Punk Special London Weekend Television 1976 - 30 mins of classic sex pistols introduced by Janet Street Porter 3

Down Among The Big Boys -1996 Set in Glasgow, Louie, the detective son of an

upright police sergeant, is about to marry. His intended is the daughter of

JoJo (Connolly), a wealthy and compulsive thief who attempts a spectacular

robbery. Louie is put in charge of the investigation of JoJo's latest

enterprise. JoJo learns of his peril and begins an exercise in risk

management. 4

Just A Boys Game -1979 Frankie Miller Jake lives in the shadow of his dying

grandfather, who was once the town's toughest hard man. Despite their hatred

of each other, jake's sole aim is to be as tough as the old man was. One day

in Jake's life, as he drifts, drinks and fights, leads to a bleak


Scum - Violent Borstal drama BBC banned play version later became a movie only shown once 5
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